Project Description Last activity
BatchMake The Batch Processing Application 12 hours ago
CDash Testing of the CDash server itself 1 hour ago
CMake Cross Platform Make 18 minutes ago
CMB 9 minutes ago
CPython This is a replacement buildsystem for Python. The existing (autotools based) buildsystem for Python is overcomplicated and makes cross-compiling very difficult. 16 hours ago
DaxToolkit The transition to exascale machines represents a fundamental change in computing architecture. Efficient computation on exascale machines requires a massive amount of concurrent threads, at least 1000× more concurrency than existing systems. Current visualization solutions cannot support this extreme level of concurrency. Exascale systems require a new programming model and a fundamental change in how we design fundamental algorithms. To address these issues, our project builds the Data Analysis at Extreme (Dax) Toolkit. 13 hours ago
gccxml XML output for GCC 1 day ago
GDCM GDCM: Grassroots DICOM 7 minutes ago
IGSTK The Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit 14 hours ago
Insight The Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit 13 minutes ago
ITKWikiExamples test for the ITK examples on the public wiki 14 hours ago
KWSys KWSys 16 minutes ago
MAPTK MAP-Tk is an open source C++ collection of libraries and tools for making measurements from aerial video. Initial capability focuses on estimating the camera flight trajectory and a sparse 3D point cloud of the scene. These products are jointly optimized via sparse bundle adjustment and are geo-localized if given additional control points or GPS metadata. 5 hours ago
MeshKit MeshKit is an open-source library of mesh generation functionality. 15 hours ago
OpenSurgSim An open-source surgical simulation framework 32 minutes ago
ParaView ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application. ParaView users can quickly build visualizations to analyze their data using qualitative and quantitative techniques. The data exploration can be done interactively in 3D or programmatically using ParaView's batch processing capabilities. 2 minutes ago
PublicDashboard Default dashboard for CTest. 1 minute ago
Remus Remus - Remote Meshing Utilities 13 hours ago
SimpleITK SimpleITK: Provide an easy-access layer to ITK for non-C++ expert developers 1 hour ago
SlideAtlas 10 hours ago
TomViz 21 hours ago
TubeTK TubeTK is an open-source library that hosts algorithms for applications involving images of tubes, e.g., blood vessel in medical images, roads in satellite images. It also offers methods for handling other geometries in images, e.g., points, surfaces, and blobs. 12 hours ago
UV-CDAT Ultrascale Visualization - Climate Data Analysis Tools 3 minutes ago
VES VES: the VTK OpenGL ES Rendering Toolkit 14 hours ago
VolViewNinja VVN provides a mechanism to build a customized viewer, robust, cross-platform and well-tested with an application-specific workflow. 6 hours ago
VTK The Visualization Toolkit 2 minutes ago
VTKM 3 minutes ago
VTKWikiExamples testing for the VTK examples on the public wiki 14 hours ago
vxl A set of libraries for computer vision. 10 hours ago